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We will provide you with essential information about the standards set in place to ensure healthy living conditions in New Zealand. At Kaimai Building Services, we are committed to helping property owners understand and comply with these regulations to create safe and healthy living environments.

Property owners are required to ensure that their rental properties meet the Healthy Homes Standards within 120 days of all new, varied, or renewed tenancy agreements, starting from 1st July 2021.

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What is the Healthy Homes Standards?

The Healthy Homes Standard was introduced by the New Zealand government to improve the quality of rental properties and protect the health and well-being of tenants. It sets out specific requirements that property owners must meet to ensure their properties meet certain minimum standards.

You can find more detail on the Tenancy Services government website.

What are the Healthy Homes requirements?

To meet the Healthy Homes Standard, rental properties must comply with the following key criteria:

Heating Standard

All rental properties must have a fixed heating device that is capable of maintaining a minimum temperature of 18°C in the main living area. This is to ensure that tenants have access to adequate heating during the colder months.

Ventilation Standard

Rental properties must have adequate ventilation to prevent excessive moisture and maintain good air quality. This includes having windows that can be opened, extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms, or other mechanical ventilation systems.

Insulation Standard

Ceiling and underfloor insulation is mandatory in all rental properties, where reasonably practicable. Proper insulation helps to retain heat and improve energy efficiency, creating a comfortable living environment for tenants.

Draught Stopping Standard

Property owners need to block any unnecessary gaps or holes in their rental properties that may cause draughts, as they contribute to heat loss and discomfort for tenants.

Moisture and Drainage Standard

Property owners are required to ensure that their properties are weather-tight and free from leaks that can cause dampness and mould. Proper drainage systems and regular maintenance are essential to prevent moisture-related issues.

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